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Mayan Fair Trade was founded in 2006.  "Mayan" because captures the original flavor of our artisan groups and their traditional handicrafts

The excellence of our quality products has been improving.  This has only been possible by combining the knowledge and skills of artisans and design professionals from various countries.  These skilled artists have been producing creative textile craft collections for years and we have captured the essence of their time-honored skills.

Our members

Shortly after our inception, we had 112 members, 88 women and 24 men, coming from every corner of Guatemala, from as far away as Chimaltenango, Solola, Chichicastenango, Totonicapán and Sacatepéquez.

None of the artisans are employees; we are all members of the same organization and everyone under our roof works together.  The key to our mutual respect is that we have been working together for a period of time, sharing ideas and creative concepts while growing in appreciation of each ones unique skills. 

There is no child labor

We categorically reject using children in any form of employment.  We believe that this would constitute slavery.  It is a concept that we reject for our own or any children. We do not use children in any stage of production.
Our children all attend school.

Family wellness

We not only encourage, but promote family wellness.

Some of us are foot- loom weavers, back-strap weavers, or makers of worry dolls and still others of us make clothing.  An exceptionally skilled artisan may handle more than one task.

Most of our members spend only a few hours a day fabricating their crafts, as they have other obligations o care for, such as working as grain and vegetable farmers while others raise animals.  All sell their produce or animals at the market and considerable time is required to maintain this livelihood. 

Only the weavers devote all day to their craft work, although certain times of year are dedicated to tending their seasonal responsibilities.

Because of the poor economic condition of the country, many men migrate to the United States leaving their families behind; wives and children are forced to live without husband or father.  Our craft organization has served as a good alternative to avoid migration, thus ensuring the men have stable work here.  They are able to take care of their families in every way.  Care requires more than providing money.


Currently we have been making shipments to different countries like the United States, England, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Australia and New Zealand.  As well, we have been distributing to local venues in Guatemala. In recent years, also we have been making small shipments to shops or other Fair Trade organizations.







For us, Fair Trade is more than a slogan.  It’s a way to improve the quality of life for all of our members.  We are committed to respecting the principles of Fair Trade.

1.    Fair price

"Fair price" is the price set by artisans working together with their customers. 

The minimum wage in Guatemala is $6.50 per day, so although the quality of our products surpasses similar products that come from India, China, Pakistan or Sri Lanka where different economic conditions exist, we are impeded by the limited income.

No one can afford “any” high price anywhere, anytime.  Our goal is to regularly revue our wages with costs compared to our wholesale and retail prices.

2.     Prefunding

In view of the aforementioned statistics, no one in our organization has the funds to finance a production order.  This is the reason that we ask our customers to prepay 50% of the total order.  In this way we are able to provide remuneration and materials needed to complete the work.

 As soon as the artisans deliver the crafts, we must receive the balance of the payment owing.  Our bank will give us overdraft and waive any interest fees for a period of only 8 days.

3.     Long term Commitment  

We make a long-term commitment to our customers and will work to maintain an open, trustworthy relationship for years to come.

4.    Gender Equality 
In Guatemala and other Latin American countries, women have customarily received less revenue for doing the same work as men.  In our organization men and women receive equal pay for equal work.   




Because we needed more foot- loom weavers, we have been training small groups of eager women from various local communities.  Now, we are fully capable in all aspects of production.

We have also begun to form small loans for members of our organization, encouraging them to develop projects and businesses that interest their creative minds, to supplement their income.

It is our goal to see many more artisan craft shops around the country of Guatemala and hopefully to generate enthusiasm with outside partners as well.

We invite you to visit our web page.  If you plan a trip to Guatemala, please feel free to drop in and visit with our artisans.





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