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Can you modify or customize a product, such as colors and sizes?
Of course, we are flexible in as much as is possible.
What guarantee is there that the products will not fade?
When we offer the option: "high or second quality" and you order “high quality”, we guarantee the product will not fade.
What are the washing instructions for textiles?
Textiles should be washed, preferably dry cleaned.  If that is not possible, then wash by hand without the use of bleach and allow to dry in the shade.
These instructions are written on the labels of each product.

Do you offer FREE SHIPPING?

yes, only to the US continental, delivery 10-12 days.
From Guatemala to my door.  How many days does it take my order to reach me if use UPS?
Weather conditions permitting:
• To Miami, the following day
• For the rest of the United States, Canada or any other country in America, three days
• For Europe, 5 days
• For the rest of the world, 6 days

Why do you usually ship with UPS?
Due to our high volume of shipments UPS has given us an economic advantage with guaranteed fast and secure delivery.
What does UPS service offer and what does is include?
UPS Express includes insurance on the invoice value. The merchandise is delivered to your door.
Can you use another courier service like FedEx, UPS or another?

Of course, if the customer has an account with another courier service, we will honor that courier company.   The client must notify us prior to making the order so that we may direct the sipping sharges to the client.
 Can you ship through a freight forwarder?
Of course, we regularly use the service of a Guatemala-Swiss Cargo or Cropa Panalpina. We recommend using this type of service when the order is over $ 5000 and the client has a customs agent in the country.
Are there any other hidden costs besides the cost of the Courier?
When the order comes in a small package, the only extra payment may be the VAT (Value Added Tax) determined by the country where you live.
When the order is large, the customer must pay the importation tax + VAT.

Currently the shipments to US pay only a small duty.

For European countries, we provide a certificate of origin which exempts clients from paying import duties.
What costs do I pay to place an order?
If payment is made through paypal, there are no other costs.
If paying by bank transfer, you must pay the transfer fee which is usually $ 25.

How much does it take to ship my order?
Depends on the availability of the product you ordered, but usually 2 business days to a week unless the order is large or a color of fabric did not have available at that time.

How much is your minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

As low as $10.

Can I add to my order if it is already in production?
Yes! It's up to you communicate with us often.
   It is easier for us to produce more for you on an already established order

Are the prices listed in the catalog "wholesale prices or retail"?
They are retail prices.
Can you give discounts on bulk purchases?
yes,40% off, please contact ut to mayanft@mayanft,com

Packaging and labeling
Can you attach personalized labels and washing instructions?
The customer may either send their personalized labels or request that we have them specifically made for them.
Can you pack my order as to specific quantities, for example 10, 50 …in each bag?
If it suits the customer, we will be happy to do that.
How do you package your products?
Depending of the dimensions, textile products are labeled with a small or large tag.
Larger items are individually packaged in plastic bags

What methods of payment do you accept?

• Paypal, Credit or Debit Card and wells Fargo

Can I pay with Euros?

How much of the price of the product goes to the artisans?

Artisans are individually paid for their skills and the amount of labour put into each product.  If you ask us about any product, we will gladly send you the information.

Do you participate in international fairs?

As yet, we have not attended any international fairs.  We ARE the artisans who produce this high-quality product.  However, our designers and partners have displayed our products at international fairs.

 If I am from Guatemala, and I have some artisan products to sell, can you help me export my crafts to other countries?
We would be more than happy to help you, Please contact us.